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Knowledge is Power

While many larger businesses take full advantage of the benefits good financials provide – whether it be reducing your tax expense, finding “holes” in the budget, or seeing profit opportunities – many smaller businesses or non-profits fail to do so. As an Accounting Benefit Solutions client, we encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to speak with a professional accountant to help you finally understand what the financials actually mean.

Perhaps you know you are making money but haven’t implemented the proper cash flow strategy to keep you afloat while your business is booming. Perhaps you don’t fully understand internal controls that can help ward off embezzlement.

  • Income (Profit & Loss) Statement 

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow / Budgeting

  • Financial Statements & Reports

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review

  • Cleanup Your Books

  • Management Reporting

  • Budget Maintenance

  • Revenue Tax Returns – City, State

Audit ready financials - Accounting Benefit Solutions
Accounting - Accounting Benefit Solutions

Tax Ready Financials

Accounting Benefit Solutions is all you need in order to get your accounting done. 

  • Once you’re happy with everything, we’ll organize your financials into a Year End Financial Package containing all of the financial statements that you and your CPA will need to file your taxes.

  • If your CPA has questions or needs any adjustments to your books, your Accounting Benefit Solutions Lead accountant will work directly with your CPA to sort everything out—saving you from being the middleman.

  • Note: If you don't have a CPA, we will recommend one that we have worked with in the past and trust with your business.

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